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Elegant Golden Doodle!

A Family Raised Golden Doodle Will Be The Center of Life In Your Home For Years To Come! 


 Our family puts forth a tremendous effort to raise healthy, well socialized F1B Golden Doodle puppies that will be absolutely delightful to have in your home! We raise all our puppies with great care in a family setting, so your new will puppy will feel right at home with your family.

Golden Doodles  are more than just another breed of dogs !

This fascinating breed makes for a perfect companion to bring into any home! Intelligent, loyal and incredibly entertaining are just a few character traits that come to mind when considering these handsome furry friends.



They say you can't have good looks and be intelligent at the same time. Golden Doodles have figured out how to get past this one in grand fashion!



This breed comes with an endless supply of go-go juice! There is never a shortage of energy and they can keep up with even the most active toddler.



There is a Proverb in the Bible that says "He that will have friends, must show himself friendly." Golden Doodles have figured this one out too and are very friendly to everyone!



Golden Doodles are very capable of being trained to perform many different acts of obedience! Start while they are young and you will benefit for many years to come. 


A Golden Doodle loves to do nothing more than be a loyal friend. They will never let you down! You can always count on a Golden Doodle to be there at the end of a difficult day!



Submissiveness is a character trait this is most remarkable in any living creature. This trait is in abundant supply in a Golden Doodle.


Golden Doodles love to provide endless hours of amusement and enjoyment. There is sure to never be a dull moment when a true entertainer is present!

Loads of Fun

Golden Doodles love to have fun with their human counterparts. All the time!



And of course, Golden Doodles are elegant in all their ways.  They are very pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance and manner.

Give us a call at any time! We will answer if we can.

Here are some recent puppies we have raised!

We regularly have new litters available. Please visit our available puppies page for the most up to date list.



Westley went to his new family a short time ago. He was very special to all of us! 


Boston is enjoying his new family.... He's such a handsome guy with his white markings!


Reba was great to have around! She has lots of love to share with her new family!

Health Is Most Important To Us!


Because A healthy puppy is a happy puppy.


That is why we go to great lengths to ensure that we raise only the healthiest of Golden Doodles.

Our Labor Of Love


When we found our first Golden Doodle several years back, our family fell in love with the breed. Since then, we began a breeding program that has turned into a "Labor Of Love." It is a family effort, and we all work very hard caring for our adults and in providing support for newborn puppies. From vet visits, to regular wormings, to keepng puppies cleaned, it is an all out family affair with all hands on deck. With an effort like this, our dogs are very well taken care of and more than just a little spoiled.


Socially Healthy


One of the greatest benefits of raising puppies in a family environment is that, since the puppies are handled daily, social skills are developed at an early age. Starting with leash training, followed by basic potty traing, many of our puppies are well on their way to excellence in obedience when they are ready for their new forever home at the age of 8 weeks old. Our goal is to raise puppies that demonstrate quality personalities, more than a certain quantity of puppies each year!





Physically Healthy

Our committment to total health begins with breeding only healthy parents. All our breeding adults are regularly examined by our vet to ensure they are good candidates for breeding. With regular vaccinations and dewormings, our dogs are kept in the best shape possible. The family farm provides plenty of room to play while getting their daily exercise. We expect all our puppies to have a clean bill of health and a head start on life by the time they are ready for their new homes.

Did We Mention Golden Doodles Are Fun to be with?


Golden Doodles love to have fun! Lots of fun! So it would only be natural that the adoption process should be fun as well! We try to make the adoption process as easy as possible on both you, the parents, and the puppies. We accept non-refundable deposits of $250 to reserve your spot in line

We usually have a waiting list, so when puppies arrive we have a selection process we go through and make sure each family gets the puppy most suited for their home. So get ahold of us one way or another and we will look forward to meeting you.

You Are Welcome To Come And See Us!


If you are looking for an F1B Golden Doodle puppy that has been raised with lots of tender love and care, we welcome you to give us a call, email us through our contact page, or click the live chat button at the bottom right of this page. We also welcome you to come and visit us and our dogs! We only ask that you make an appointment so that we can arrange our schedule accordingly.