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We adopted Bear, previously known as Brock, from Elegant Goldendoodles in December. I am new to dog ownership and Sara was amazing with answering all of my questions quickly and honestly. She is so knowledgeable and helpful. Bear is the most adorable, well socialized, happy, and healthy puppy. He is so smart and already potty trained. Thank you Sara for being so amazing to deal with.

We will be happily, highly recommending you to our friends.

-The Fasoli’s

Boston, MA

  See below for a testimony of the Fasoli's second puppy from Elegant Goldendoodles!!

      We are so thankful to have found Sara and Elegant   Goldendoodles. We were so happy with our first pup that we ended up going back for a second 2 years later! Sara is awesome to work with and our Kobe and Jordan are just amazing dogs.

    We highly recommend Elegant Goldendoodles.

- The Albanese family


           Ace (formerly Mason) is doing great! We are in love! 😍

  He got his first haircut today! 

 He is wonderful and brings so much joy to our family... We adore him! 

   -Sara , IL

     Hello Sara!  A little update on Emma (Loveli)….she is 8lb and done with all her shots. Emma got her first cut today and looks so precious 💜

She is so loving , and loves hugs and to be in my arms!

We are thankful Emma is part of our lives!

- Andrea, IN



     Echo is such a joy! He makes me so happy and my family     adores him. He’s such a loving sweetheart and super playful! So   far he’s been loving music, watching nature shows, and playing   with all his toys! He’s been receiving so much love!❤️❤️❤️



   Sara and family -

    We thank you so much for providing us such a positive experience with Trigger, formerly known as Jersey.  We searched for over a year  and spoke to many breeders during our time trying to find the right fit for our family.  We took our time and had many questions.  Sara was so informative and welcomed our questions and never pressured us to make a decision immediately.  Once we chose Trigger, she continued to help us with recommendations and answering all our questions timely.  We were provided pictures of him growing and playing and she even started calling him by his new name once known .  Our vet  commented on what a wonderful start he had and praised  and questioned where we got him.

    He is such a smart boy and steals the heart of everyone who sees him.  His markings and wavy coat are so attractive and he does not shed. He is already potty trained and sits at the door when he needs to go out .

    We highly recommend Elegant Goldendoodles. Thank you again for your time , expertise and truly wonderful puppies!

  -  The Reynolds



    Thank you Sara, so much for answering all of my questions so responsively ! Rowyn(previously Darci) is so loved and so well behaved !!

We are extremely lucky to have came across your web page for our sweet girl!

-   Sarah, OH


I adopted Lady in 2021 and brought home Liam this year in 2022. I like the honesty and professionalism Sara has. She sent me weekly videos of the puppies to show me their progress. Very clear that these puppies were raised in a clean home. Sara was willing to answer all of my questions that I had to ask. I’m very happy to receive these very healthy puppies. Thank you Elegant Goldendoodles! 

    - Juan, CA

   Hello Sara!


    We are great!  Thank you for asking.  Banks has been such a joy.  He’s spoiled rotten but fits right in. Lol.


The grandkids just love him.  He goes back to vet Monday for another shot. He is our baby.  ❤️🐾



- Sharon, IL





         Hi Sara!

   We are doing well, and Mochi is doing well.           

She is getting bigger and more adventurous. We are working on the potty training and making progress.

   She’ll be going to a trainer in a couple of weeks.


- Almara, CA






    We took Abbi (now known as Boba) home to Columbus, Ohio last year in September. She was our first dog and she's been great!   

    She loves to cuddle in the morning and play after work. I just wanted to send you an update and show you how she's grown! Thanks for helping us get Boba in our lives!



   -Floyd, OH



We love our little Sunny so much!

She is the sweetest girl. Sunny is a quick learner and is adjusting nicely to life in the big city.

We are so thankful to Sara and family for giving her such a great start!

⁃ Erin and Nate, Chicago 

    Lacey had her vet visit today and was proclaimed extremely healthy with a wonderful bite! 

     She won the gold star for the cutest puppy at the puppy checks today. Out of three, she was the best!


   - Lenora  CA



     We got our precious boy Link from Elegant Goldendoodles in December 2021, he is a perfect addition to our family!

  Sara was the absolute best! She sent us frequent updates and pictures and made bringing our puppy home an absolute seamless process. The Troyer family loves their puppies and it shows.

  Link has the best personality and loves everyone. He’s such a smart puppy, he has already mastered sit, shake, lay down, he sleeps through the night and he’s potty trained, he’s the BEST!! So thankful for Sara and her family, the friendship I’ve made with her, and for our Link!!!

   - Samantha, AR








    Rosie is great, such a sweet girl!  Still some things we are working on, but overall great. She is loved and happy!

This is her first birthday!

  - Rosie's family




      Can't say thanks enough to Sara and her family for the newest addition to my family, my sweet baby boy Mayday (Murray).  Adoption process was seamless, Sara updated me every step along the process, made sure to answer all my questions, provided all the necessary health checks, and work with my schedule. Thank you Elegant goldendoodles! 

    - Aybike, IL

      Monty is healthy and happy and growing... We are really enjoying him!  We're so happy that he loves to be cuddled.

  -Michelle, IN



      Myles adores people and loves the leaves falling from the   trees. 🍁

   He loves to cuddle, and he has become me and my family's   whole world.   We are truly blessed.  ❤️


  - Kelly, IN



     Every step of purchasing our puppy from Elegant GoldenDoodles was incredibly pleasant. Sara answered all of my questions and in an extremely timely manner. We were sent updates with photos and videos each week. Sara kept us informed on how our puppy was growing and developing. Our beautiful puppy came to us healthy and happy. It was obvious she had been well cared for and loved on. I would definitely recommend Elegant GoldenDoodles and would purchase from them again! 

- Erica, IN 


     I have always wanted a puppy of my own but never thought it would actually happen. I am so grateful to have been referred to Sara, because she has given me the greatest gift in the world!

      Truffle is everything I have ever hoped for and a million times more. It is a huge responsibility but it is definitely worth it. He is so friendly and lovable, you can definitely tell he comes from an amazing family.

   I was able to crate train him in one night; leash train in 2 days, and potty train in one week. We are still working on some tricks, but at 16 weeks, he responds to “sit, wait, okay”, shake hand, go inside, go outside, play with your toys”. I can’t wait until he has all his vaccines so we can explore the world together.

  My family adores him! I could have’t asked for such an easier process. Sara and her family are incredibly passionate about what they do and it shows! If you’re thinking about getting a golden doodle of your own, you’ve come to the right place.

  - Michelle, CA

     Thanks so much for checking on our little Marley (Mack)!  He's so great!  He's an awesome workout partner, likes to snuggle and a great companion for us all!❤️

  - Leah, IN


      Hi Sara! Tracy, now Maggie, is absolutely perfect! She slept through the night (so sleepy from a big day) and has been adjusting so well, taking naps in my arms and snuggling up for cuddles and running around and playing until she takes another nap!😅

Here are a few pics!!

She had a great vet check here and just wanted to thank you again for bringing this sweet girl into my life!

 - Sara, IL

This boy is hands down the perfect fit for our family.

So far his hobbies include sleeping and eating, but our favorite part is the in between when he is spunky, loving, and the world's best snuggle buddy. Thank you for being such amazing, loving people.

 It truly shows. This boy was very well loved and cared for before coming to our family. 

- Andy and family, IN

    We are doing so well. "Mack Sky" is transitioning well and brings so much joy and love to our family!

  - Keisha, CA

    Hi Sara!
     I took Tucker to the vet. He's doing great and very healthy. He's getting used to his new family. He's so smart and lovable! 

Can you let me know when you breed again?  I may want another dog for Tucker to have a buddy. ❤️

  - Crystal, CA

         Teddy has been adjusting to his new home very well. When we got him he was already potty trained, was used to sleeping in his crate at night, and knew the sit command. Now he sleeps through the night alone and waits by the door when he needs to go potty. He is a smart dog and has started his training lessons.

   Teddy is a very playful puppy who loves to eat everything. When he doesn't have any more energy left he loves taking naps and sleeping in random places around the house. 

      Sara was very responsive and communicated well throughout the process. When we came to pick up Teddy, everything was well organized and ready to go. Overall, it was a great experience for us.

  - Jay and family, IN

We can't thank you enough for bringing Nash into our lives. The boys are loving each other so much! Sending hugs and gratitude your way. He's the best! We are so grateful for him!

   -Cindy,  IN

    We are all so in love with Boston.  He's been settling in and my girls won't leave him alone for a second!  Here are some pictures of his new home.

        He's been a wonderful puppy and sleeps through the night. He finally went for his vet appointment today and everything looked great. He weighs 11 pounds. He is a very happy puppy and loves playing with his big brother. He already knows sit and down and is a very well behaved dog.

  - Jessica, MA

Hi Sara!

Jax (Buddy) is doing great! He has been such a joy and sweet addition to our family! He was so happy and affectionate from the moment we got him and bonded with us right away. He is sweet, smart and amazing with the kids. We couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our family. He is SO loved by us all!

Thank you for helping us find our sweet furbaby! We are grateful for your help throughout the process, giving him such a great start and sending us pictures and videos while we were waiting for his arrival! You were wonderful and we are thankful for you and your family! 


The Kidd Family

We can't say thank you enough to Sara and family for being a responsible breeder that provided our puppy, Ellie, such a great start!  After quite extensive travel, she came out of her crate loving and inquisitive with no fear or adjustment needed. She was already crate trained and even slept through the night with no crying!  She's a quick learner and has done better than expected for a 9 week old!  We were pleasantly surprised by a personal note from Sara and responsive interaction about any questions we've had and that completed the ideal experience!  Truly a blessing. Highly recommend this reputable breeder! 

-Dawn B.


  Ellie is approaching her birthday, and is doing great! She weighed in at 35 lbs! :)


Hi Sara, wanted to let you know Kobe (Tanner) is doing so great!

So much love and he fits right in. Hope you and your family are well! 

​​​​​​​  - Vincent, NY

Merry Christmas!

 The kids are in love!

We are so excited!

-Justin N.


    I have four grandchildren, and they love Holly! She's a good girl! 

   We're going skiing in Utah after Christmas, and she is going with us. Very excited!



         Bless you Sara and family! 

 Thank you for Champ!  He says Hi!

 -Gina, MI













Sharing Champion pictures...
    He turned 2 today!
     Sending you all a Big Hug 🤗  

    -Gina, MI










We welcomed Jordan into our family just a few short days ago and we are in heaven.  Sara and her family brought this loving creature into the world and we can't get enough of him.  He is so happy, extremely friendly and loves to play. Our son who is ten years old calls him his little brother....  and people have stopped us on the street to comment on what an adorable, "good looking" puppy he is.  And Jordan is amazingly smart!  I can't believe how fast he is learning - which is another awesome characteristic of a Golden Doodle - extremely intelligent.


Our vet even raved about how healthy he was and what a beautiful coat he has. Sara did a wonderful job in breeding him and even getting him started enjoying a crate - which is a big deal for a puppy!  And when we went to pick him up, Sara and her family were so accommodating in getting us started to make Jordan's transition successful.


Thank you Sara and family for our new family member.  I would highly recommend Elegant Golden Doodles as a breeder and Golden Doodles are a great choice for a family dog.


   - Michelle and family.  IL




Sydney is doing sooo good! We gave him to the kids early,  and they are in love!

They have named him Teddy; he looks like a little bear. He is the sweetest thing, and potty training well. 

Thank you so much for everything!

-Andrea W. 



Everything is going great with puppy Ellie! She's already learned to be good around the baby and not bother her, even though she plays a little more rough with everybody else. She's mastered running up and down stairs. She stays in the yard and does not run away. She likes to sneak through the fence and come to the front door. My girls absolutely adore her, and my two-year-old carries her around all the time. 

I've never had a poodle or a golden retriever before, but this Goldendoodle breed seems to be very intelligent ,which is great!  I was hoping they would be.

-William W.


Charlie (Max) did great on the ride home. Not a single accident. Waited until we got him home into the backyard.

He absolutely loves my daughter ,and she is so in love with him!

 We saw the vet yesterday and Charlie checked out perfectly!

 - Michelle in MA

Hello Sara! I thought about you just yesterday and took a few pictures of Rubi so you can see how big she's grown. Rubi has adjusted very well, although I think she's a bit jealous of my baby girl who's 6yrs old, because she wants to be the only baby around here..lol! Go figure. Rubi's absolutely favorite person in the house is my 14yr old son Malachi, I guess because he really spoils her. My family and I are so happy with our Furbaby. She is very active, and loves to play fetch and cuddle.

Thank you so much, Sara, for blessing our family with a healthy brown girl. We love her dearly!

-Shontelle H.



My son named him Wrigley; he's a big Cubs fan!

Wrigley is ringing a bell we hung on the door to let us know when he needs to go potty. Dog training started Monday. 

He was great at the groomer's today. They loved him! Who knew there was more white fur under there!

-Don in Chicago



While searching for our Goldendoodle, Elegant Goldendoodles made the process so easy. They were extremely fast to reply to any questions we had, and never pressured us into making a decision. They even watched our puppy for an extra week until we could pick him up, and they drove halfway to us in order to pick up our puppy! The breeder was incredibly friendly and made the process of bringing our puppy home so easy! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this breeder to friends and family who are looking for a goldendoodle to add to their family!

Sam & Becca IN



I would have to say I never knew anything about the first steps on searching for a breeder. However, the moment my brother recommended Sarah,  I never had a disappointing experience with her. We had non-stop communication, she was so helpful in answering all our questions, giving us advice as first time dog owners.

We adopted Dusty for our daughter Samantha. We decided to stay with that name because it suited him, so we named him Dusty Rhodes Campbell. From the moment he landed, he was happy. He was and still is the most loving puppy. Dusty made our family complete. The joy that he puts in our daughters eye , the laughter in families hearts by his silly ways it’s what we needed. We wanted to thank Sarah and her family.

From  Shawn, Candace, Samantha, and Dusty

We made it home, and Wren was great the whole way back. 

She's adorable! Thank you.

 I will send pics when I can.

  -Bob, WV

From the moment we started conversations with Elegant Goldendoodles, Sara was happy and eager to answer any and all questions that we had. She was friendly and made us feel at ease purchasing our little Bo from their family. She happily met with us to drop our puppy off and let me tell you, he’s been nothing but a bundle of joy. He’s healthy, happy, soft and sure to be the best family pet. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to get our puppy from Elegant Goldendoodles. Thank you!

We Love Our Big City Pup!



Kaili & Michael IL



Pippa (previously known as Daisy) has been an amazing addition to the family. I couldn't imagine life without her. Thank you so much to Sara and her family for this bundle of joy!! Working through the adoption process with you all was truly such a pleasure!


Chandler C. TN 



She loves to sleep on our shoes! She is snoozing with her face in my daughter's sandal! 


Working with Sara was a great experience in adopting Callie. It was our first puppy and Sara answered our endless questions. Our sweet puppy has adapted well and sleeps through the night in her crate. To help her adjust, we kept the towel that came in her crate for travel, for her to lay on so she had a familiar scent.  We couldn't be more pleased with the new addition to our family and are having lots of fun spoiling her.


Dee S.  VA



Thank you so much.  We are taking him to the vet Thursday.  Will keep you posted.  We are so in love! ❤️


-Susan S. MA



Our family became complete when Penny joined us in August. When Penny (originally named Jessi) arrived home, she was already freshly washed and had a collar. She was so quiet and easily transitioned into our family.

Sara, from Elegant Goldendoodles, was very flexible with travel arrangements and met my husband halfway. Sara even provided a file of Penny’s paperwork, which included vaccines. We also received a crate with a small bag of dog food that Penny was used to.  The whole transaction was very professional and organized.

So far, Penny has adjusted quite nicely. She is full of energy, happy and very healthy. Our young boys love her. We were lucky to receive Penny when she was partially housebroken. We give all the thanks to Sara for giving us a head start on training her for us.

If I have any questions, Sara is very open to communication and is quick to respond with clarifications and advice. I would recommend Elegant Goldendoodles to anyone who is in search of a beautiful and healthy mini Goldendoodle.


-Josephine MI



I want to thank Sara for our great puppy! From day one, Sara was incredibly helpful and very informative. Till this day I still contact Sara for advice and information on how to raise our pup. BIGGIE our new addition to the family is such a silly, playful, and loving puppy. Biggie is extremely smart, he’s in great shape and loves to be hugged. We could not be happier with our choice; Everywhere we go Biggie has fans. Elegant Goldendoodles is a trusted and kind breeder and I want to thank you for making this experience a joy...Biggie has changed our lives!

Diana and Adam -- NJ

We were so impressed with Sara and Elegant Doodles! We were searching for a specific kind of puppy from out of state and she made the process super easy.  She was very responsive in answering questions and transparent throughout the process.  Once we picked out our puppy she kept us updated on her progress and kept us involved.  We would highly recommend these puppies! We have already had so much fun with our Juniper and are looking forward to many more years adventuring together!


Alex and Jack, SLC Utah




Casey(Teddy) definitely listened to Kenny and Kyle’s advice to “be a good girl in your new home.” She lets us know when she needs to go out during the day and crate training has been a breeze. She woke up and cried to go outside a few times the first night, but since then, she’s slept straight through the night in her crate.


She also had her first trip to the vet yesterday and she did so well that they didn’t even charge us for her visit.


In between naps, we are working on teaching her to sit and walk on the leash.(she currently likes to grab the leash and try to walk herself haha).

Thank YOU for everything! We love her so much. 

  - K. and H. in Cincinnati


Thank you for another great puppy! (our second puppy from Elegantgoldendoodles)


We just got back from the vet. She weighs 7.4 lbs and is super healthy!


The two pups love eachother...There was no adjustment period; they just loved each other from the minute we brought her home.

Everyone loves our two pups!


The Fasolis

Boston, MA


He's doing great. Super smart but also stubborn. He's learning quickly though. He loves his training classes, to play and bark and enjoys playing with other dogs. When he settles down he loves to just snuggle.

 - Kendl's family in Lake Station, IN


Sara was a delight to work with! It was very apparent that all of her puppies were well taken care of not only by her but by her whole family! The puppies were sweet and friendly, which made it hard to choose just one! Sara did everything she could to help us choose the right puppy for our family. Her children were very familiar with the puppies, which was a comfort to us since we would be bringing our puppy home to a household of small children! Leia (Rena) came to us clean and happy! Sara provided us with a towel with the smell of her litter, food, and a crate to transport her home. We were so impressed with Sara and would recommend her to others looking for a sweet puppy! 

 - J. V. Ft. Wayne, IN


Hello Sara!  I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much we adore out new puppy previously known as Reed.  He has joined right into our family and is one happy pup and made three little girls super happy as well.  I have attached pictures. We adore our new baby, and thank you! 

   Love, Traci in TX

The children love Lily...

You made this experience so special to us!! We will forever love her!!

    - Bry in IL


    Elegant Goldendoodles and Sara were absolutely wonderful to work with. I received frequent updates and pictures and she went above and beyond to meet all of our needs. The best part is.... the puppy is perfect!

If you ever need a reference feel free to pass my email along and I'd be happy to answer any questions.

  -Jacksons' Family in MI

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