Our Adult Dogs


The Foundation of Elegant Golden Doodles

Our adult dogs are the lifeline of our breeding program and we love them very much!

We strive to maintain a healthy atmosphere for our adults.  Our adult dogs are all OFA health tested.

They receive regular vet exams, groomings, dewormings and vaccinations.

They have plenty of room to romp and play on our farm, so they enjoy lots of good fresh country air! 



Tekota is a beautiful F1 female adult that we love dearly. She is an easy going, calm and affectionate goldendoodle. She weighs 35 pounds and is a red/apricot color.


Roxy is another one of our special F1 adults. She is an energetic goldendoodle, and adds alot of livlihood to our family. Roxy weighs 50 pounds,and is a beautiful light apricot color.


 Shimano is a friendly, affectionate female who has won the boys' hearts and ours too. She is an F1 goldendoodle as well, and her present adult weight is 36 pounds. Her coat is mostly red.



Jillian is an adult F1 goldendoodle girl who loves people but is alittle more shy. Once you earn her trust, her friendship and loyalty is unconditional. She is a comfortable 35 pounds. Her coat is red with a graceful white chest and markings.