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October 2021

       Hello, and Happy Day to all of you!

          Whether you are one of our current puppy families, soon-to-be puppy family, friend, or subscriber, we hope all is well with you!

      Here, we are all doing well, enjoying fall harvest and crisp weather.

     Our mama dogs are loving life; they are healthy, active, and keeping us busy!

  We are happy to announce an upcoming litter to our mom Jillian! Jillian is our red coated mama with a white tuxedo chest, and she will have a beautiful family of puppies in just a few short weeks, around October 20th. Her puppies will be mini goldendoodles, growing to approximately 25 lbs. 

 These puppies may go home at 8 weeks of age, which will be just in time for Christmas! I can't think of a better Christmas surprise, can you? :)

  We are also hoping for a litter of standatd size goldendoodles (about 50 lbs) from our loyal family pet, Roxy, by the end of 2021. Roxy is a soft apricot color, and is a very companionable and loyal friend to us and our young sons. Her puppies will prove to be the same!

 If you would like to reserve your spot in line for a puppy from either of these litters, let me know!

There is still room at the moment.

 Talk to you soon!