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Puppies Going Home February 2020

Well, the days and weeks are flying by quickly, and we are in the process of saying goodbye to each of our little fur babies!

Our puppies have all celebrated their 8 week birthday with trips to the vet, and got an A+ on their exams! :)

We are so thankful for happy, healthy puppies, and are enjoying their fun antics and playfulness as they romp around with the boys.

The next few weeks are still chock full of puppy care, meet ups with new puppy families, and trips to the airport. We are very excited with the new friendships with all of you, our special puppy families!

Thank you so much for all the texts, updates and pictures! We love hearing from you! 

Our next puppies will arrive this fall, and we will keep you posted here when we know the exact time frame. 

Until then, blessings to each of you!