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Spring 2021

         Happy Spring from our family here at Elegant Goldendoodles!   Spring means new plants, green grass, new flowers, and new life! I marvel at God's plan of new beginnings even in His creation.  It is a gift to embrace with a grateful heart!

       We have a few more NEW blessings on the way! Tekota and Shimano are going to be mamas to new litters of puppies in June! 

     Tekota is our F1 goldendoodle mom, and the dad is Sammy, a handsome, red miniature poodle with white markings. Their puppies will be minis, with apricot/red coats and will grow to an estimated weight of 25 lbs.

      Shimano is another darling F1 goldendoodle mama, and the dad to her litter is Stanley, a medium sized poodle with a deep red coat.  These puppies will be a medium size, growing to approximately 40 lbs.

       We are staying busy giving these mamas the best care possible, enjoying the warmer days, and finishing up school before the new puppies arrive!

       We hope you are all in the best of health and enjoying the blessings of life and family!

   If you, your friend, or family member is thinking about bringing home a goldendoodle to add to the family, now is the best time to get in line for these upcoming litters. The waitlist will fill up quickly!

 Until then!

  Sara for the Troyers