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Hello from our family at Elegant Goldendoodles! 


We are enjoying beautiful, balmy springlike's hard to believe it's January!


Our two goldendoodle girls are loving the outdoors with the boys, with races to the creek and chasing everything that Kyle and Kenny throw for them to catch.


Our last puppies all got new homes before Christmas! We have been so blessed by all the emails,  calls and texts from our puppy families as they welcome a new puppy into their home.  Sharing in that enjoyment with you, and seeing the adoration and delight of a child meeting its puppy for the first time, makes all the time and  effort we put into our puppies worth it. It truly is a labor of love!


So this season of our lives is a bit more quiet and restful...We are kept busy with scheduled vet checkups for the dogs, grooming appointments, and some spring cleaning in the dogs' play area.


We are looking ahead into spring, and preparing for and anticipating new puppies to love! We will nurture, care for, and raise them for YOU; that perfect family pet you are looking for! 

Check back often or sign up for our email notifications...we will let you know as soon as any new litters arrive!


Until next time...Blessings to you and yours!